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  • AS3 Flash 10 Firefox Search Plugin

    AS3 Flash 10 Search PluginI don’t know about you, but I rely on the Search box built into Firefox a lot. I use it almost religiously and have a selection of search engines in there, one of which is of course the ActionScript 3 Reference.

    It was bugging me that there was no search engine plugin specifically for the Flash 10 version of the docs.

    So, I created one.

    If you use Firefox (or any browser that supports the OpenSearch plugin format) then you can add the Flash 10 search plugin to by simply going to this page on the MozDev site: and adding the Flash 10 version I created.

    I’ve already used it several times in the past hour, so figured it’d be worth posting about incase anyone else found it useful.

  • Photon Storming onto Twitter

    Ok, so I’m following the pack by getting onto Twitter 2 years late :) I know people call it a “micro blogging” service, but come on guys, face the facts – it’s just internet chat in another guise. Doesn’t make it any less fun though!

    If you’re interested you can find me at

    I’ve also hooked it into my Beanstalk account, so you’ll get to read my insane commit messagess at 3 in the morning!

  • Doom ported to Flash Player 10

    Remember the ID Software classic Doom? Well it has been ported to AS3 / Flash Player 10 and can be played here on Newgrounds.

    This isn’t some “let’s try and remake Doom in Flash” game either, it is literally the original game running at a very smooth frame rate, in your browser, in Flash. This is possible due to the release of Adobe Alchemy at MAX08 the other day – Alchemy is a C/C++ compiler for the ActionScript Virtual Machine2.

    Alchemy was created to allow developers to run chunks of code that require optimum performance (such as transcoding and data crunching). But this just goes to show how powerful it really is.

    You’ll need Flash Player 10 to play the game, and a decent spec PC/Mac too. But wow, it’s an incredible sight to behold all the same.

  • Social Arcade keeps on growing

    I’ve blogged about Social Arcade before, the 100% Flash based game development system that runs on Facebook. It was entered into the Facebook fbFund program along with 600+ other apps. 25 apps won, and Social Arcade was one of them. Today they had to submit their pitch for the next round (the prize being a cool $200,000). Only 5 apps will get that far, and having seen what Social Arcade can now do, I sincerely hope it’s one of them.

    Watch their new pitch video below (the HD version is here)

    Social Arcade – Facebook App from Richard Vanner on Vimeo.

  • Off to the beach we go …

    Everything is packed, all the tickets are in order, and very soon I’ll be heading off to sunny Brighton for 3 days of intense Flash on the Beach.

    My only concern is that lots of the sessions I want to attend overlap each other!

    For example I’d love to hear Joa Ebert speak about Audiotool, but I’d also like to hear Grant Skinner talk about general AS3 (they clash). Keith Peters also clashes with Rob Bateman :( but the one I’m most upset about is that Andre Michelle clashes with what sounds like a fascinating session on SWF decompilation. That’s a topic I’m extremely interested in, but Andre is an ActionScript God, so I don’t doubt he’ll impart some excellent advice during his session.

    Damn it, I wish I could clone myself! :)

    Anyway if you’re there (or possibly even there already if you’re at the workshops!) then “Hi!” I’ll be there with two other Aardman dudes, and much enjoyment and learning shall ensue. I’ll post a report when I return next week as I don’t intend taking any hardware with me – I’m going to let my brain soak it all up and give my typing fingers a rest.