Released21st May 2010

Code by Richard Davey

Graphics and Music by Ilija Melentijević

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Quartet is a quirky puzzle game, that soon turns into a reactions test!

As pieces fill up the well in the centre of the screen, can you move them to the surrounding windows quickly enough and still build up a complete face? (or as complete as you can get it!)

Points are awarded based on how complete the face is, and how quickly you have assembled it.

An iPhone conversion of Quartet is available for free. Download from the App Store here.


Ilija came up with the concept and graphics for this game one Sunday. He said he had an idea for a game he was already sketching, and that he promised it was a “game in a day” project. As per usual our “game in a day” grew and evolved the more we played it, and 5 days later it was released.

We found the game to be really quite hard to explain to people. But once they started playing it they had usually grokked it within the first 30 seconds, and spent the rest of the time trying to devise cunning face-building strategies. Personally I’m really pleased with the level of polish and attention we gave it, considering it was produced in our evenings fitted around work and family.

After play testing it on the office and some other friends, we definitely feel it’s a “marmite” game. People either love it or hate it. There doesn’t appear to be much middle ground. Those that love it, get really stuck into it. And those that don’t find it “boring”. Based on a pile of feedback collected over the week, we tweaked the game significantly – adding little flourishes, and tweaking timers, values and speeds until we felt it sat just right. Some people expressed concerns over the graphics, saying they were too “retro” (well, duh), while others loved them. So again, we managed to split opinion right down the middle here.

But as Ilija keeps telling me, “it’s better to write for yourself, and lose your readers. Than write for your readers, and lose yourself”. I think this game sums that up.

Development Trivia

Due to the timescale this was built entirely using Flixel v2.32 – I still had to hack the core around more than I would have liked, but since the last time I used Flixel to create Droplet, it has come on leaps and bounds. And Adam is doing sterling work on it. I ported across a few of my Pixel Blitz classes, and they are used in this game.

So far games that Ilija and I release feature us in them somewhere. In Droplet he drew us as little droplet characters on the credits screen. And in Quartet we’re stomping down the credits screen again, wearing natty metallic robot-like body armour with a swirling psychedelic backdrop going on! You’ll also notice our development mascot, Burd, on the pause screen.

Originally the game was keyboard control only, but on request of a friend (the awesome Dave Munsie) we added mouse controls. And wow, the game changed form nicely because of it – the mouse controls really bought it alive, and almost made it more “tactile”. Cheers Dave :)

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  • June 26th 2010 at 7:27 am

    Dude, the gameplay is incredible! The arrow control is very simple, intuitive, and yet very fun. Also, the graphics is pretty nice and smooth. Nice job :)

  • July 10th 2010 at 6:13 pm

    Wow this game is really awesome. Not only is it a clever concept I love the graphics and music too–well done! Sorry to hear about the sponsorship problems too. As a fellow FGL dev and user I appreciate you sharing your experiences with the two sponsors in question.

  • Manuel
    April 21st 2012 at 12:34 am

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