FlodPro – Awesome Soundtracker Replayer – Sneak Preview

Christian Corti has been hard at work on the Flod Replay library, and Flod Pro incorporates the latest version and a whole lot more, wrapped up in a sexy ProTracker style interface! He gave me permission to show you a demo of it, so have a play with this:

Click “Browse” and select a soundtracker module (.mod file) then hit “Play“. Some features work, some don’t. The two sliders on the bottom right are for volume and stereo separation. The numbers 1-4 at the top enable/disable the channels. Clicking through the sample names often reveal hidden messages from the composers :)

Just check out the replay quality! It’s now playing back a lot of mods better than even ModPlug can, all from AS3 / FP10.

If you don’t have any soundtracker modules to load into it then here is a little zip (655KB) with 5 classic Amiga tunes and the FlodPro SWF. Or you can downloads thousands of tunes from sites like Amiga Music Preservation.

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  • August 6th 2009 at 7:46 am

    Just awesome! Listening to my favourite Amiga tunes now :)

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