Objecty – A 2D Game Dev Toolset

I came across Objecty on Kickstarter today and I pledged before even watching the video. It’s a Windows and Mac app dedicated to easing 2D game dev by bundling a raft of common tools together. At the moment they claim to have in a Texture Packer, Sprite Animator, Skeletal animation, Tweening and keyframe editor, Hotspot editor, Tilemap editor, Physics / Collision editor and others. It’s all wrapped up with LUA export scripts, so you can tailor the data it outputs to your own game engine with ease, if it’s not one of those already supported.

Now I don’t know if SKN3 are capable of finishing this app of course, but I do know that something like it is needed and for that I was willing to risk some of my own money to see it happen. They are about 6% funded right now so I’m posting this just to do my bit and help them out. But as with all Kickstarters you do so at your own risk. Personally I thought the video was too long and cheesy and should have just focused on the app features up front, but hey, at least they actually have a video (*cough* Elite *cough*).


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  • November 7th 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Hey there I am the author of Objecty, thanks for the blog post. Really appreciate you spreading the word. We really need the help!

    I am dedicated to finishing this as its been an idea in my brain for many years. It would be nice to get that idea out and finished!

    Totally get the length of video, cheesiness and lack of feature description… so we are currently in the process of rectifying that. I have also been working day and night to get a demo ready for people to download.

    Once again thanks for the blog post, much love 😀

  • November 7th 2012 at 11:34 pm

    I hope you get funded, I really do, but I think sorting out the video would help a lot.

  • February 4th 2013 at 4:02 am

    Too bad this project didn’t get funded. Long time ago, I backed this other “game dev tool project” in Kickstarter, and finally they achieve their goal. I think it is awesome: http://kck.st/HlrwwM

    Maybe it can be useful for you guys.

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