651:Announce Demo by GYW

squize and ngfx of Gaming Your Way infamy have released a lovely little Flash demo called 651: Announce. It’s a typically old-school demo but with a lovely modern feel to it. squize pumps out the polys with some smooth PV3D sections (you ought to try Away3D mate!) and while the different parts feel slightly disjointed (few transitions from one to the other) they each stand up well in their own right. From pretty rotating plasma, to gunmetal spheres and the neat voxel landscape trip right at the end, this is well worth watching.

Oh and squize: Thanks for the greets :) and I was glad to see you got this released! Surprised you managed it so quickly given how you admitted you like to procrastinate about these things rather than do them :)

You’ll need Flash Player 10 to view it: http://blog.gamingyourway.com/content/binary/index651.html

Posted on October 21st 2008 at 3:07 pm by .
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  • October 21st 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Thanks for the pimp mate :)

    The lack of good transitions was due to the modular way it was developed. To add a new segment took about 4 lines in the controller class ( I’ll be posting it to the blog soon-ish ).
    That meant to really tie a transition together ( Above a simple white up / down ) meant that a segment had to have the transition in it itself ( If that makes sense ). So the x-ray pic and the greets section are all in the same class as it was an easier way to cut between them. Same with the water and the voxels.

    Also with it being modular testing was a lot lot quicker, and segments could be dropped if they just didn’t work ( There was going to be some bump mapping in there too but I just didn’t feel the love for it ).

    I opted for pv over away as pv feels more like the industry standard already, and as this is pure pimpware I thought it was important to show at least a passing knowledge of it. I may try and do the greets section in away to see what the difference is ( Time permitting as ever :) ).

    Thanks again for the write up mate, and nice grab :)

  • October 21st 2008 at 8:02 pm

    Scene blending is always a bitch! I still enjoyed the demo very much, it was a nice showcase of effects. I liked the little games video too :) re: PV3D vs. Away, I agree that PV3D gets all the lime-light, but internally it’s a bit of a mess, and having now seen some of the incredible things Away can do it made me avert my gaze. Then when I saw the sort of people using Away (true demo sceners) that made me think there must be something special about it. So when I’ve a project that calls for it, I fully intend to explore it in depth.

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