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Today The Game Creators released the first alpha of Social Arcade onto Facebook. I’ve been testing this one for a while, and it’s especially note-worthy for this blog because a) it’s written entirely in AS3 and b) it could flourish into something really big.

The concept behind it was to create a “drag and drop” game maker, but all built into Facebook. So the games you make you can share with your friends, who in turn can go in and play your game – and if they like what they see, they can edit your game, create their own version, and share that with their friends too. And thus, it spreads.

Only one game-type is supported right now (a scrolling platform genre) but I’ve seen the shoot-em-up core in action, and I know full-well that they’re going to be really expanding this system in the coming months. The ultimate goal being that you can create pretty much any type of arcade game.

It’s only an alpha release but the guts of it are there. While the interface could do with some serious TLC and usability testing, the core concept is sound. Once more game types and behaviours are available (especially the ability to import your own assets, or even better create sprites by directly taking a photo from your Facebook gallery) then this could explode.

Here’s a screen shot of a game I built (click it for a high res version). If you want to add the application for yourself then here’s the linkage: http://apps.new.facebook.com/socialarcade/

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  • September 7th 2008 at 5:52 am

    Have you checked out Mockingbrd (http://playmockingbird.com/)? Similar in concept, but it actually lets you build your own game mechanics by combining rudimentary actions, and set your own goals.

  • September 22nd 2008 at 9:14 am

    Social Arcade allows you to set your own objectives / goals, for example kill all enemies, collect items, find the exit etc. – anything you want.

    Behaviours can be assigned to any object and allow for some really wacky games (As you can mix and match across genres). Users will be able to create their own behaviours in a later version (using a gui representation of the RASM language that powers behaviours right now). All behaviours have properties that are exposed also, giving the user three distinct levels of depth to creating games.

    So far in the alpha version only platform games are switched on but this will very quickly expand into a whole host of genres.

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