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Why is it called Photon Storm?

The name comes from a lesser known Jeff Minter game released for the Atari ST. I thought it was a great game. Very few magazines agreed. Even Jeff himself doesn’t rate it too highly. But it had a wonderful name which I adopted for this site, much to Jeff’s amusement.

The game was a 2D shooter. You viewed your ship from above and flew around with a combination of the mouse and keyboard. The control system was very Geometry Wars in style. Mouse to aim and keyboard to move. It took some getting used to but was well worth the effort. Truly innovative for 1990 and not really repeated again until everyone was using dual analog sticks.

That’s all folks

Play our games, read our posts, join us for some coding and leave comments if you wish.

But most of all have fun! And don’t ever stop creating.

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  • Rioshi
    December 9th 2010 at 12:48 am

    Ha! Took me forever, but I finally got the the giant HI! sign with the little acid spewing creature picture made in the ground xD Kept dying and moving blocks to get to it, but made me smile xP

  • February 5th 2012 at 12:05 am


    My name is Marcelo Ardón, I’m from Guatemala, and I’m a huge fan of your work. I write to you guys today asking for help. I know you’re both very busy people but it would be amazing if you could read this.

    See, I am a graphic designer and amateur Illustrator. Also, I love video games. They are my passion, it’s what gets me through bad times and entertains me on the good ones.

    I want to make them for a living and great artists and programers like you, Edmund McMillen, Phil Fish, Jonathan Blow, Greg Kasavin, Jen Zee and others have been a source of inspiration through my years of research of what I need to start making them.

    A few months ago was the first time I really felt old. I’m 22 so that’s kind of weird! Anyways, I decided to go through the road of nostalgia and returned to some of my favourite classic video games. Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past, Chrono Trigger, Contra, Megaman X, Metal Slug, Doom, X-COM, Tales of Monkey Island, and others.

    This returning fascination for these classic titles got me thinking, “Hey! These games are beautiful!” The curious and sometimes inocent art style of those games sparked my imagination. That’s when I started looking into making pixel art. Long story short, I am a fan and amateur artist looking for help with a very personal project.

    I decided to do my final college thesis on Pixel Art and it’s input on Independent Game development. I need your help to make this project meaningful. This is going to be written in spanish since I live in Guatemala and it’s going to be for college so the success of this written work is going to decide if I get to become a Graphic Designer and start my indie game journey or fail miserably while trying.

    I would just need for you to lend me a couple of minutes of your time to do a couple of interviews via email or skype. That way I can gather information and get some opinions on the subject of my thesis. This would really help me a lot since I want to make the best work possible.

    Also, I would need some kind of proof that you are actually willing to help me, maybe an email I can print and show to my college board. That would be perfect.

    Thanks in advance for being awesome enough to read through this whole thing!

  • December 28th 2014 at 9:26 pm

    please check out my phaser game: htp://

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