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  • SourceBinder – pure AS3 awesomeness!


    Quite out of the blue I received an invite to the SourceBinder project tonight. I honestly couldn’t even remember what it was, but after a couple of minutes playing I was hooked!

    If you are experienced with node based creation tools, like FilterForge for example, then you’ll have a good idea what this is about. Basically it’s an FP10 visual creation tool – you can create your own nodes (or use many of the public ones up there) and chain them together to create stunning visual effects. Loads of libraries are built in already like JigFlashLib, Tweener, Flint and PV3d, so nodes can be created using these.

    SourceBinder Example

    Nodes can perform tasks such as colour changing, mouse input, sound handling, PV3D creation and loads more. They are simple AS3 classes (which you can edit live online). You chain them together using a neat drag and drop interface, the final “display renderer” node being responsible for the output.

    It’s just great – I urge you to try it!

  • Great Retro Shoot developer interview

    Retro Shoot

    Jeff over at 8-bit Rocket has published an awesome interview with Dave Munsie, the creator of the current Flash shmup darling Retro Shoot. It’s a great game and a great interview, so I urge you to both play it and read it :)

  • Flash Game Dev Links Round-up

    I don’t normally post pure link-lists to my blog, but there have been a number of really interesting things happening recently. And while the 8-bit Rocket guys are on a bit of a hiatus here is my lowly substitute to their links round-up :)

    AS3 Space Invaders Emulation. Most people code their space invader clones the “traditional” way – “borrowing” some invader graphics from Google Images, shoving a load of sprites on the stage and creating their own mini shmup engine. Thibault on the other hand wrote an Intel8080 emulator in AS3 and ran the original arcade machine ROM through it :) Truly great stuff.

    Bryson Whiteman over on has an excellent write-up about good multiplayer design elements in games. this is based on the work (and GDC presentations) of Dani Bunton Berry, the author of M.U.L.E. Personally I think the advice given is really great for any game, multiplayer or not, and it’s worth reading over. I especially liked the “Legends must grow” and the “Norm Effect” considerations.

    Things have been going a bit nuts in the Alchemy camp recently. Somewhat kickstarted by the 300,000 pixel dot objects post things have grown at quite a pace. Ralph Hauwert over at UnitZeroOne has an excellent summary with links to extremely beautiful effects like Yonatan Offek’s Sierpinski Particles and David Lenaerts Smoke, Milk and Ink. Or perhaps you’d like to texture a 3D object from Alchemy?! It’s all quite fascinating stuff.

    And finally nothing to do with Flash at all: I utterly cannot wait for Popcaps new game Plants vs. Zombies. I am sure it will be a monster success (and the 9/10 rating in Edge this month backs me up on that), but it just looks like such a fun game! Check out the music video on the web site for a taste of what’s to come.

  • 4k Winners Announced – Audience voting open

    4k_logoThe Flash 4k Competition is over and the first and second place winners have been announced (no I wasn’t one of them!) – congrats to both games, and also to the other entries, some of which were truly stunning.

    My personal favourite was the sky diving game, Falling with Style, which was a technical masterpiece and great fun to play. The stunt tricks you can perform in the air are stunning, and I was a bit shocked it didn’t get a better write-up than it did.

    The main criticism about my game was the control system, apparently it was counter-intuitive and it’d have been easier if the ship just moved up when you pressed up and rotated to face the mouse pointer – rather than the Asteroids style motion it actually uses. Personally I loathe that style of control for arena shooters when using a keyboard vs. a joypad, but each to their own! Just a crying shame the 3 judges disagreed with me :)

    Anyway the Audience Voting is now open, which means you get to play all the great games and then vote for your favourite. So get to it, and have fun while doing so as some of the entries are just incredible.

  • Say hello to my new blog design

    I’d had the “old” design for my blog since April 2008. All I had done was stick my own header onto the default theme that came with WordPress. Hardly inspiring, but it did the job.

    Tonight I sat down and pixelled my little heart out. The end result is this new design which I am much happier with. It makes the place feel like it’s truly mine now :) I’ve tested in FF3, Chrome and IE7, so apologies if it dies in anything else (Safari I’m looking at you).

    I’ve got some plans up my sleeve to enhance the header a bit futher. I think the right-hand section is just begging for a little pong clock. Oh wait, no I mean it’s begging for a mini game. So I’ll see what I can whip-up. On the right you’ll notice I’ve added links to twitter and, my home from home. Anything that supports the sterling work these guys do is fine by me.

    Incase you were wondering, the Predator in the header image is clutching an Atari ST computer. It was drawn by the Pompey Pirates artist Sid-B for their menu disk 95. Click here to see the full image it was taken from, and loads of other stunning 16-colour pixel work.