You Dirty Rats!

Released5th October 2008

All code by Richard Davey

Graphics by Richard Davey, iStockPhoto and Google Image Search



Well this was a blast :)

On the ever-fun forums I was idling chatting one day, when I mentioned that I thought it’d be good fun to have a “Create a game within a set period of time” contest. The following day and the FGL team were on the case!

So starting 6pm GMT on October 5th everyone had exactly 5 hours to create a game based around the theme of “Lies”. You were free to interpt that however you wanted. The theme was only announced at the start of the contest (so no-one could plan ahead). You also had to state if you were going to use any 3rd party libraries in your game (such as Box2D or PixelBlitz).

Late to the party

Due to family things I was an hour late starting. I nearly didn’t bother, but figured it would be fun all the same. So I fired-up Flash and Photoshop and set to work on a simple concept game. One of the main criteria for the contest was that the game was fun. So i decided to keep the idea really easy (a simple “true or false” quiz) but make it as fun as possible by throwing in various FGL specific in-jokes.

This means for the majority of you this game will make very little sense at all :) But such is life. I’m listing it here for completeness anyway.

Pros and Cons

Oh give me a break. I had 4 hours to work on this, including all the graphics and testing. There are no Pros or Cons, it is what is it :)

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