Yeti Dash

Released29th November 2012

Code Richard Davey

Graphics BiteCp

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Yeti Dash was an HTML5 mobile browser game we created for the agency BiteCp as part of one of their clients Christmas campaigns.

In Yeti Dash you choose from 3 characters: a Viking, a penguin or a snow leopard and control them across a horizontally scrolling snow bound level all the while being chased by a Yeti. The level is full of ice to speed you up, fish for you to throw at the yeti to slow him down and various things to avoid. And should the yeti catch you.. well, you have to endure some yeti smooching (yes, for real).

Originally during development it was a lot quicker to play. The characters gained momentum from sliding for example and could leap much higher and faster, using the hills almost like ramps to launch themselves from. But these things were removed during tweaking and play testing but we are strongly considering revisiting the old mid-way code base to see if it wouldn’t fit well into a brand new game where speed is essential.



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  • September 4th 2013 at 4:16 am

    haha..what a funny mobile game =) i love the snowman :)

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