Tree Fu Tom: Magic Dash

Released28th June 2013

Code - Jakub Joras

Graphics - Tom Waterhouse

Flash original - Peg Digital

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Based on the extremely popular Tree Fu Tom TV show, Magic Dash has you taking the role of Tom, running and leaping across 4 different stages collecting magic sap in an attempt to fix the broken weather machine.

Real world magic

The super magic sap at the end of the first level unlocks a real world spell which the player must perform. This makes special power-ups available from then on, including a shield allowing you to crash through the baddies such as the grumble bushes, and a magnet which automatically draws the magic sap towards you.


4 different stages

We’ve built a number of games for Cbeebies now and it was really great to  do a proper action game. The simple one touch controls from the original mapped perfectly to touch screen and made the game instantly easy to pick-up. There are 4 unique stages to explore including the Ranch, the lush green Treetops, the watery Pond and the dark and rocky Caverns. Each of them loads in a different set of graphics and baddies and provide a nice visual change as you progress through the game.

Due to the richness of the graphics we built 2 different resolution sets; one in “HD” for tablets and a lower resolution version for mobile phones as the limited memory capacity on most of them, and the volume of animations and effects in-game, meant we were pushing the limits of what the mobile browsers could cope with to the max.


Development at Photon Storm was lead by Jakub Joras with Tom Waterhouse handling graphics. Jakub pulled out all the stops to ensure the game ran as well as possible in mobile browsers. We were working from an existing Flash game created by Peg Digital, so the fun core game concept already existed as did a lot of the assets. But as is usual in moving from Flash to mobile we had to re-design the level layouts significantly and cut back on a few of the effects present in the desktop version. However we’re very pleased with the end result and what we managed to squeeze out of mobile browsers.

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