Street Cats

Released14th December 2012

Code - Rezoner Sikorsky

Graphics - Nik Hildritch


Street Cats was just one game we created for Macmillan as part of a project investigating what would be involved in migrating their huge bulk of Flash games to HTML5. Macmillan run an extremely successful online English language learning site. As well as traditional methods of teaching a new language they also employed the use of Flash games to help drive home common learning themes.

Graphical Makeover

Street Cats was one such game. They didn’t want a direct port from Flash to HTML5 but instead opted to give the game a significant graphical overhaul as well. We handled the re-design and animation in-house, using one of our trusted designers for the task. He bought a new sense of life to the game, allowing it to look great on tablet sized resolutions.

If you have an old game you’d like graphically re-vamped then feel free to contact us.


The game involves selecting from one of three amusing animated cats. They bounce into the street scene and can run both across the street and leap up onto the fence and washing lines. As they do so they need to collect the correct words to complete the sentence. Of course this isn’t made easy by the fact there are alley cats, mice and trash throwing bin monsters out to stop them.

Sadly we cannot provide a public link to play Street Cats at this time.

How to play our HTML5 games

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