Slide ‘n Glide

Released15th August 2012

Code Richard Davey

Code Kyle Nau

Graphics Tminus1 Creative

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Agilent Technologies provide measurement solutions to engineers, service providers, researchers and scientists. Everything from Atomic Spectroscopy to Vacuum technologies. Part of this includes hardware and devices that are used in water parks to monitor water chemical levels. Working on behalf of their creative agency Tminus1 we built 3 games for their Summer of Fun campaign of which this is one.

The games were meant to be a few small enjoyable minutes of fun as a means to enter a larger promotion that they were running. Being aimed specifically at scientists rather than hardcore gamers the games were designed with this in mind. Three versions of each game was created: one for mobile, one for tablet and a Flash version for desktop browsers.

Slide ‘n Glide is a re-action based game collect-em-up. As the child flies down the water tube you can slide him from side to side, the aim being to collect the items as he proceeds. There’s no way to actually fail the game and it was designed this way according to the clients requirements. We were pleased to have Kyle Nau work with us to deliver this game on time.

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