Sarah and Duck: Jigsaw

Released13th August 2013

Code - Richard Davey

Graphics - Tom Waterhouse

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Sarah and Duck is a delightful pre-school TV show produced by Karrot Entertainment for the BBC. It is shown on CBeebies channel and tells the tales of the show’s main characters, seven-year-old Sarah and her best friend Duck (who is a duck). The central theme is the relationship between these two characters and the adventures they have together.

We were commissioned to create an HTML5 jigsaw game for CBeebies based on the TV show. Due to the very low age range of the target audience we had to create simple jigsaws, with bright inviting art from the series. We opted for some traditional rectangular jigsaws as well as some slightly more complex ‘cut out object’ jigsaws, all presented from a swipe-to-scroll menu.


The Sarah and Duck game was created entirely with our new open source HTML5 framework Phaser.



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  • September 4th 2013 at 4:11 am

    what a great game! it gave me some idea for my curent project at the university! thanks a ton!

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