McCoy’s Darts

Released10th October 2012

Code - Richard Davey

Graphics - Activation Digital

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McCoy’s are a very popular brand of crisp (potato chip) in the UK. This game was created to support an on-pack promotion campaign to win a darts tournament in your local pub. Over 50 million packets of crisps have been printed with the game QR code and URL on them.

After entering the URL the customer’s taken to a mobile optimized web site based around the competition. The game involves winning a game of darts against a PDC Professional Darts Champion. The player selects from a “Single Throw” or a “Triple Throw” game and must drag the wavering dart around the dart board, trying to aim with the bullseye and then throw it when the power-meter is at the right level.

If the player is closest to the bull after the AI has taken their turn then they win and can enter the competition. Two different game modes are present and various professional challengers to compete against.

The game features low and high resolution assets with intelligent display adaption for mobile and tablet along with optional Facebook integration to pull in player details. It is seamlessly tied in with the rest of the promotional site.


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