Jump Duck

Released7th September 2012

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Back in 2007 Brandissimo! were tasked with making the NFL relevant to kids, and the NFL Rush Zone site was born. Due to increasing traffic from mobile devices in 2012 it received a mobile browser overhaul and we were pleased to provide two of the launch line-up games, of which this is one.

In Jump Duck you play as the NFL Rush Zone mascot Torg, charging down the field leaping over and ducking under the bots. Collect power-ups including x-ray vision, a protective shield and scatterbombs to make your run last even longer.

This game was a real technical challenge. Not because of the complexity of the game, on that front it’s relatively simple. But because it features a full parallax scrolling backdrop; the stadium, the side line, the grass and the touch lines all scroll at different speeds. We then layered large fully animated sprites on-top and finally added constantly shifting weather effects. The game changes from dawn through to dusk with rain and snow overlay fx at times. The game employs the use of canvas for ease in device scaling and handling the weather effects.


Point your mobile web browser to: http://nflrz.nflrush.com/games

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