Garden Box

Released18th March 2010

Code by Richard Davey

Graphics by Richard Davey (vectors sourced from and Tony Blinco

Music mixed by Richard Davey, backing track from

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I produced Garden Box specifically for sale to Big Fish Games. It is exactly the same game as Dark Cubes, but with all the sci-fi electro techno demo-scene jazz removed. And gardens, flower pots, birds and bees added. It was a nights work, and it paid off. Big Fish bought a license, as did another sponsor (

Development Trivia

This is the only game I’ve ever released without any developer branding at all. It’s not that I’m ashamed of this game, because I’m not – it’s just that the whole “Photon Storm” moniker just doesn’t sit right with a game like this.

The soundtrack is exactly the same as the one used in my previous game Bug Box.

Dark Cubes used the Flash Player 10 branch of Away 3D, because I took advantage of some funky features and lighting effects. Garden Box was down-graded to the FP9 branch, as it needed no such thing. The port was thankfully dead easy with just a few changes in function names. Away3D is such a wonderful library!

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  • Tammy
    May 31st 2013 at 3:59 pm

    Love these games!

  • Tammy
    May 31st 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Love these games! It saus I’ve already said that, but I don’t think so.

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