Galactic Rusherz

Released7th September 2012

Code Richard Davey

Graphics Brandmissimo!

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Back in 2007 Brandissimo! were tasked with making the NFL relevant to kids, and the NFL Rush Zone site was born. Due to increasing traffic from mobile devices in 2012 it received a mobile browser overhaul and we were pleased to provide two of the launch line-up games, of which this is one.

In Galactic Rusherz you pilot a football shaped space ship through an asteroid field. Your squad follows your every move, tagging behind your ship, so fly carefully to ensure they survive as they help multiply your score. Collect the power-ups and charge up your Ion Beam so you can unleash a blast wave wiping out all asteroids in your path.

This is a side-scrolling avoid-em-up. We used a ‘touch to seek’ control method, meaning you can touch anywhere on the screen to have the craft fly towards your finger. We tried having a virtual d-pad and on-screen joystick, but none gave the freedom of movement that simply having the ship seek to your finger did.


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  • chris
    March 19th 2013 at 1:10 am

    I want this game

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