Five Dice Frenzy

Released10th April 2008

All code and graphics by Richard Davey

Sound effects from the SoundMATTER collection.



I’ve had a love of the dice game Yahtzee for years now, ever since playing a game on my Atari ST called Triyahoo (which was basically 3 games of yahtzee running in parallel). The object of the game is to roll 5 dice up to 3 times, and in those 3 rolls you have to try and match the values of the dice against one of 12 different combinations. For example getting all the same number is considered a “full house” (or 5 of a kind), or getting 3 x 1s will allow you to check off the 1s combo. If you can complete all 12 combos then the game repeats – the idea is to see what kind of highscore you can get, i.e. see how many rounds you can complete. The game is set against the clock, any time left over is added to your score.


  • Once you figure it out, it’s a really addictive challenge. Although you know it’s just random, you still find yourself clicking the “roll” button and saying “go on, go on!” out loud!
  • You can win a bonus round, which means if you score high enough you’ll progress to the next round regardless of matching all 12 combos or not.
  • It’s is the first game I’ve written to feature video. The main menu animation is an FLV purchased from iStockPhoto.


  • Again, no music in this game. Although to be honest I don’t feel it needed it.
  • The truly random nature of the game means you can sometimes feel it’s playing “against” you.
  • If you don’t get how to play it straight away, you tend to give up – which is a real shame, because it’s a great challenge once you get into it.

Development Trivia

  • This was my quickest game to write yet – a working prototype was up in a day, complete with graphics.
  • The biggest issue I had with the game wasn’t the game itself, but rather the “UI” – i.e. making the interface work properly.
  • There’s a hidden cheat mode that lets you re-roll specific dice and always get the number you need 😉 It’s because debugging was a nightmare otherwise!
  • This game will be re-branded with Shaun the Sheep characters, and a new name, for release onto that web site. This original version will be released to game portals.

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