Bug Box

Released7th August 2009

Code by Richard Davey

Graphics by Richard Davey (vectors sourced from iStockPhoto.com)

Music mixed by Richard Davey, backing track from SoundRangers.com

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This is my take on the classic Japanese puzzle game played with wooden blocks called Hakoiri Shogi. It’s very simple in theory – all you have to do is get the butterfly out to the exit. To do this you slide the other blocks as best as you can to get them out of the way, so the butterfly can escape.

There are three levels of varying complexity: Easy, Medium and Hard.

Bug Box was never designed with “repeat playability” in mind – it’s supposed to be a one-hit affair. You either solve the puzzle or you don’t, but once you have solved it that’s it – there’s nothing more to do.


While chatting with RobotJam he inspired me to have a go at creating a game in a single day. Not just any old piece of tat, but a game that had real commercial value (even if a small one). I decided that I fancied taking him up on this challenge and, 3 days later, Bug Box was born :) I had always loved the wooden blocks puzzle as a kid (and remember wasting hours trying to solve it) and after a little reading on Wikipedia I figured it would be perfect conversion fodder.

The “bugs” concept came around quite out of the blue, while browsing the vector collections on the iStockPhoto.com web site. As I don’t create my own illustrations I had to rely on license free stock art to get this game done in a day (as there was no way I could wait for an artist to get done on it). I found some lovely bugs, took them and adapted them to my own needs and built the scene around them. The font is a license free one, the music royalty free purchased from SoundRangers.com and the nature noises recorded direct from the forest in which I live and mixed in Adobe Soundbooth.

All-in-all I was very happy to have this done in 3 days of working evenings only.

Development Trivia

A number of people emailed me after playing the beta version claiming it was impossible. While it would be amusing to release an “impossible to solve” game, Bug Box isn’t one of them. You can complete the Easy level in just 41 steps for example.

While working very late one night on this I was testing the mute button. I clicked it but for some reason the bird song carried on playing. I went through the code, checking and double-checking the SoundTransform was being applied, etc. It was only then that I realised the mute button had worked perfectly, but I had worked into the small hours of the morning and the bird song I could hear was that coming through my window, not my speakers :) Moral of this tale?: Don’t code while tired kids.

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